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Access Control Systems

If your objective is to ensure a foolproof system in place for allowing the entry of authorized persons, there is no dearth of a professional access control system in UAE or any other place. Depending upon the specific requirement for an office or a corporate location, you can depend on Service Plix for providing an appropriate technologically advanced security access control system providers ensuring a high degree of precision. This facilitates discontinuation of manual intervention, which is fraught with inherent flaws.

Attendance System

You possess a small-sized office, a giant corporate business house, or a factory employing a substantially high volume of manpower. The entry and exit details of each of the employees are monitored through a biometric attendance system avoiding the hassles of inadequacies of many other primitive systems. The time and attendance system can function efficiently either with the fingerprint access control system, a swipe card or the proximity card. The access control companies from Service Plix suggest biometric features in case you are skeptical about proxy swiping among the employees. You can enable the card for acceptance at multiple locations only for the specified personnel depending upon the functional requirement of manpower employed in such jobs.

Visitor Management System

In places where the entry of a visitor is only for a limited time, the visitor management system can probably be foolproof in case the swipe card or proximity card working on the RFID system. To ensure the highest degree of security and safety, the option of biometric access control is useful in very sensitive locations. The video access control system installed in sensitive and secured areas is a boon ensuring an additional layer of screening to view the visitor through a video slot. A technologically advanced modern access control system in UAE is common to ensure a high degree of security at certain sensitive locations.

Vehicle Access Control

The access control companies in UAE are keen to use a variety of state-of-the-art technology allowing the entry of an authorized vehicle, which manually would be a daunting task for the security personnel. The access control companies have introduced a vehicle access system to control the vehicles entering the premises by the License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology. This can identify the vehicle from a distance of more than 10 meters to match the authorized vehicles details. You can also combine the LPR with door access control system to authenticate the credentials of a driver. The Long Range Accessing Control using a smart card with a UHF system placed at the Boom Barrier or other access points can also work in conjunction with the parking management system smoothly. The intelligent software controls the permission or blocking of vehicles as well as restricts the access concerning the time or quota and other parameters of your choice.

Hotel Lock Management System

One of the primary objectives of the hospitality industry like hotels or clubs, etc. is to ensure the safety and security of guests. As a part of fulfilling their objective, the intelligent hotel lock management system is designed with an access control card working on the RFID technology. Any elite hotel with a foolproof door access control system UAE is the most sought-after place for stay thus putting to rest the insecurity exigencies. The authorized manager of the hotel can customize the card management system to incorporate different levels of pre-defined access authority. He/she can also modify card credentials or authority depending on the actual needs of a spot. The stable and flexible system, which is easy to learn by the ground staff, comes with an economically viable option for many establishments. Probably, it is an order of the day to ensure wireless access control convenient to the management, security personnel, and the guest or visitor as they approach the premises for entry. You can avoid unpleasant arguments with the security guard convincing to authenticate your identity, etc. Probably, the same advantage holds good for biometric access control in UAE and such other places, which have gained more popularity in the recent past at all the important places.

Optional Facilities

In case you desire a facility to monitor the entire flow of operation at the click of a button on your desk, Service Plix would be glad to arrange you proficient provider companies for the same. This facilitates real-time monitoring of the system and timely intervention in case of any unforeseen exigency encountered by the security or other staff. The companies are proud to associate with the supply and installation of modern software and the concomitant gadgets for the same. They also maintain the entire system to avoid sleepless nights. Why delay in contacting the profound companies at Service Plix to avail all the required services under one roof and concentrate on your core business area? The representative from the chosen company will visit your place at a mutually convenient time to discuss further details. Providers at Service Plix has helped millions of people more easily access offices, hospitals, classrooms, and more. From entry-level smart card technologies to modern solutions like Mobile Access, our mission is to help your organization find the best access control solution. Find the Best Solution for You.

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