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Bed Bugs Removal

Bed Bugs Removal in UAE
Bed bugs are an unwelcome invasion which can make life very uncomfortable for the human hosts very quickly. Being scrupulously clean will not protect you against a bed bug infestation. While other bugs are often attracted to food scraps and crumbs left lying around, bed bugs are in a category all of their own, as it is carbon dioxide and body heat which attracts these pests into taking up residence in our homes. This means that all abodes, whether big, small, dirty, or clean, are a potential haven for these hardy little critters.

The first step in winning the battle against bed bugs is in knowing that you do in fact have an infestation. Bed bugs are small and very good at hiding but they do leave evidence of their existence that is a little easier to find than the actual bed bugs. Bed bugs create a lot of waste such as feces, shed skin, eggs, and little piles of their dead. You may also notice that you have mysterious tiny bites on you upon waking.

These pesky little beasts also have a short period of activity and only need to come out a couple of times a week. If you really think you have bed bugs keep a flashlight handy and try to catch them during their most active period – which is about an hour before dawn. Shine the light on the sheets and watch for any movement or activity.

If you now know for sure that you do indeed have an infestation, it’s time to get to work with ridding your home of these unwelcome visitors. Start with decluttering the room. Get rid of all of the bric-a-brac you no longer need such as magazines and books. Stuff them all into a plastic bag, seal them up nice and tight, and throw them into the outside bin.

The next step in your bed bug treatment is to launder all of the clothing and bedding with as high a temperature as possible. If something can’t be laundered tumble dry it on high for about 10 minutes. Steam cleaners are a great alternative for bed bugs removal if you don’t have these appliances, or you could take everything to the laundromat in tightly sealed bags. Once the bedding and garments have been processed it’s important to seal them in plastic bags to avoid recontamination as you exterminate the rest of the bed bugs in your home. Be thorough; search all draws, dressers, and closets as bed bugs are experts at hiding away and have a life cycle that can go on for months.

Once you have cleared the room give it a good going over with the vacuum cleaner in a precise and methodical manner so you don’t miss anything. This includes the curtains, cushions, in between the cushions, and even the light switches, fire alarms, and any electronic gadgets such as alarm clocks. Dispose of the vacuum cleaner waste immediately once you have finished and then go over everything again with a steam cleaner, as bed bugs can’t survive long in high temperatures.

Once you are sure you have successfully rid yourself of all the bed bugs you should also follow up with a quality bed bug fumigation to mop up any stragglers you may have missed. To make sure this process is as safe as possible it’s highly recommended you contact a professional pest control company to carry out this process for you.

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