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Canopy and Shades

It is common to have a get-together of a small group or an assembly of substantial guests for a function on a larger scale. Even if your requirement is regular for a car parking shade to protect the vehicle, it is wiser to opt for a canopy shade. The multifarious utility features of the canopy and shades are handy on many such occasions for different purposes. Of the canopy suppliers in UAE, you will find some reputed and reliable brands who supply a full range of canopies and shades. Surprisingly, these products come at a very affordable price range.

Aluminum Tent

If you are looking for a highly durable with fine finishing and the best quality tents, you can opt for the aluminum tents with extensive characteristics. The attractive colors besides the high mechanical strength of this canopy and shades in UAE are in high demand. Service Plix service providers are proud to share that these canopy tents can withstand the wind up to 100 km/hour. Though these tents come in different sizes, the canopy and shades companies in UAE can arrange the tents up to 6 x 6 m, which are sufficient to meet your requirements of a function.

Tensile Shades

The solution from protecting yourself and other members from the harmful ultra-violet (UV) rays beside the furniture and plants is the tensile shades. It is ideal for the blistering climate of summer in UAE to opt for waterproof and heat-resistant tensile outside structure. You will love to have a durable unit with the help of a sun shade UAE meeting all your specifications. You can have a wide range of collections to suit your requirement as such
  • Pergola cover
  • Entryway
  • Backyard shade
  • Fence cover
  • Children Play area
You can order multiple units to be installed either as a stand-alone or in series depending upon the layout or your choice. You can have the tensile fabric shade structures either in single cantilever or on both sides. The single cantilever edge of the structure would allow you some additional space without any obstructions. The fully engineered and robustly constructed tensile fabric structures can offer the desired protection from the natural outside elements. There is a wide range of options of either architectural grade PVC or silicon coated woven glass fabric installed using marine grade stainless steel fixers. No doubt, these outdoor shade canopy structures prove to be a boon for the needy to fulfill their purpose.

Car Parking

No one can tolerate the expensive vehicles parked under the scorching Sun. In such a situation, looking for an ideal car parking shade in UAE is a viable alternative. The readily designed car shade installation in standard dimensions could be a wiser choice. In case you prefer customized designs or dimensions, the reputed service providers at Service Plix can arrange fabrication of the parking shades as per your specifications. The high-quality Serge Ferrari PVC fabric, Knitted Mesh Fabric or Mehlar PVC can protect the interiors and shiny glow of the expensive cars from severe heat. The galvanized steel structure, aluminum structure or the MS structure coated with epoxy in the car parking shade UAE would be ideal. The qualitatively superior option instills a confidence level with a longer duration of warranty ranging up to 15 years.

Revolution Tents

These oxygen or ozone tents created with specific generators would offer you a cool, airy environment. You will not feel hot and suffocated in the revolution tents. With the most desired technology, these camping products assure you the desired comfort.

Other Services

No matter the type of canopy tents you have in mind, we can assure you a demo tent to experience the feel of a product. You can also supplement these products with a building façade for a more elegant ambiance. In case you desire to have indoor decoration like lighting, including the AC units, carpets or some lose furniture like the tables and chairs, our service providers at Service Plix could arrange for you. If wooden flooring to the canopy tents is your passion, it is within the ambit of our expertise. When you approach the company at Service Plix, you are assured of the entire range, including supply and installation. The professionals also undertake maintenance and repair jobs of the canopy tents and shades. Though they can arrange the products within your estimated budget, if the requirement is for a shorter duration, you can think of renting the product to meet the demands of an occasion. The salient features of these products with a reasonable price tag would not disappoint you. On receipt of your inquiry through a phone call or email, the representative from the chosen company at Service Plix can schedule a visit to discuss further details of the design, printed canopy shades in conformity with your expectation in quality and budget.

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