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As we have already spoken in length about the composite and traditional wooden decks, we have to understand that maintenance is a key for durability. This is for both the types of decking materials. We now proceed to answer the vital questions relating to installation and maintenance aspects of the decking. At Service Plix, you will come across the best decking services in UAE serving you with in-depth knowledge for these decks to remain in top shape through lifetime.

Types of Decking Services From Service Plix Providers

Avail the best quality decking contractors who focus on quality products and offer you metal decking, steel decking, or timber decking materials. Our professionals know the importance of right quality products and the process of installation. They measure the space and do the installation swiftly without leaving any mess. With time, as we have already stated, wood might rot or cause splinters. Repairing of the wooden decks requires care. Whether your decks require partial or a full replacement, the professionals shall do it with caution and great understanding.

Types of Flooring Our Clients Look For

  • Composite Decking: As discussed earlier, this is a much-preferred flooring material for the decks. The decking professionals in Dubai know each grade of composite tiles on offer.
  • Cedar: Decking company based in Dubai offer a variety of wooden decks. One such treated decks are made of cedar. The rich veneer looks grand and is quite strong too.
  • Pressure-treated Wood: Pressure-treated wooden decking Dubai based can withstand impact and are grand value-addition to any property. Hire our best installers to take care while installing them.
  • Vinyl: Since vinyl flooring is already popular globally, the same material goes into the deck creation too. Their polished surface adds sheen to the overall pool area.
  • Redwood: Hire the experts for the smart outdoor decking with redwood. The installers know the most effective ways to install the same.
  • Meranti: This is one of the most commonly used wood for decking purposes in the UAE. So, popular decking professionals in Dubai know the exact process of using it in their projects.
  • Wooden: Whether you are looking for softwood decking or hardwood decking, you can pick one suitable for your homes and businesses.
  • Other types: Metal decking, made of galvanized steel, zinc, and other materials like stone is ideal for the widespread use. Metal deck installation by these professionals from Service Plix will save you time and money.

Questions We Ask our Client for their Requirement

Once you hire a company from Service Plix for balcony decking or pool decking services, their experts ask you a few questions. Answering these questions will open up your chances of getting the desired decking installation service.
  • Color preference
With composite flooring, you have the options to choose from a wide range of colors. Even wooden laminates come in different textures and grain, and of course, color. Pick the one and elaborate before picking one product. There are light-colored soft board ones to match with the pool tiles and the ambiance overall.
  • Will the decking be more than 30cm above the ground?
This helps the decking contractors in Dubai to recommend an optimum choice. Certain ground areas with high moisture or floods going for simple wooden planks for decks will be a waste. The height will also be a necessary piece of information since it will need to be with sufficient safety railings near it to prevent any slip or fall accidents.
  • Deck Size Requirement
The standard thickness would be between 1 and 1-1/4 inches. Look for boards in this range or even a little more if possible. The thickness plays a vital role in your selection process. You will find many wood hollow, and they are also equally durable.

Other Requirements, if Any

As the clients look for plastic wood decking or cheap decking, we also ask them if they need wooden boards for making outdoor benches. Besides the floor planks for balcony decking, you may also need the railings to support you as you walk along or lean. You may even seek fences for your property. Outdoor and garden spaces require steel or other metal specialists to install unique pergolas or arbors. These also require top class installers and maintenance experts. If you are planning to get the best lighting for your home or exteriors, you can rely on these decking professionals in Dubai. They will also have electricians with a fair idea on how to set up fairy lights in the garden, walkway lights, or even light up the fountain area. These days, you will be able to get the best quality, ASTM certified materials for metal deck installation. Service Plix takes utmost care in offering the best service providers in the business. They will also be able to conduct regular checks to spot any problem about metal sheets or wooden floor decks.

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