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In simple terms, any vertical transport device running within a closed shaft powered by either electric motors and pulleys or hydraulic system is termed as elevators. They are also referred to as lifts in certain regions of the globe. The elevator companies in UAE found at Service Plix have a wide range of choice in offering any type of elevators from the passenger lift to goods lift to panoramic lifts suiting specific requirement of the client. The service providers here at Service Plix can organize suitable elevator installation or lift maintenance as per your choice for any types of lifts.
Passenger Lift
This is one of the most common types of elevators found in any house, high-rise apartments, business houses or the commercial malls, etc. Depending on the anticipated load of the passengers, the elevator companies in Dubai or UAE recommend a suitable elevator to carry passengers between 5 and 25 generally in the residential elevators with a number of stops required.
Goods Lift                                                                      
We can also arrange reputed lift companies in Dubai or other places in the UAE for lift installation. Their elevators can carry a high load of goods and cargos depending on the requirement of the restaurants, stores or other companies.
Panoramic Lift
With a view to providing an enhanced visual pleasure, the infrangible safety glass is used preferably in shopping malls, business houses, or hotels. The normal capacity of 21 passengers of this round, square or triangular panoramic elevator can enjoy the outside view.
Car Elevator
Many reputed elevator companies in UAE suggest installation of a car elevator in high-density population area where horizontal space is a constraint. This elevator is also ideal for the transfer of cars in parking garage or manufacturing companies.
Double Deck Elevators
The superlative height of the building is no inhibition as long as a double elevator is in place. The double-deck lifts ensure adjustable floor height. This facilitated the mass passenger handling capacity at the same time ensuring high traveling speed. You can adjust the height of the upper and lower deck elevator keeping the landing platform in view. Service Plix can coordinate with lift installation companies for varied types of lifts like home lift, service lift or any platform lift you have in view. The scope of a contract could include supply or installation. You can enter an AMC for the elevator maintenance with any of the lift maintenance companies in Dubai.
Section Drive of Elevators
  • Traction Elevators: The process of movement of the elevator car is through the rope on a wheel, which is powered with an electric motor placed generally on the highest floor of the building. You can opt for either geared or non-geared traction, and we can arrange through the elevator Dubai
  • MRL: The other type of elevator is the Machine Room-Less (MRL) Elevators. In the conventional traction elevators, the machine room is generally on the topmost floor of the building. The MRL elevators have a motor and wheel directly fixed to the lift shaft without the necessity of a separate machine room at the top floor. However, they use traditional steel cord ropes or flat steel ropes as the hoisting cables.
  • Some people feel this type of elevators cause more noise and vibration. MRL elevator offers you higher energy efficiency, more design freedom in addition to better utilization of hoist-way space beside the advantage of low weight of the car. The lift maintenance companies find MRL convenience during their maintenance schedules.
  • Hydraulic Elevators: If the building has limited floors up to 10, probably the hydraulic elevator is also an option, though the speed of travel is about 200 ft/min. The fluid driven piston mounted inside the cylinder of the hydraulic elevator lifts the car using a hydraulic ram. However, the bigger size of a cylinder and a longer piston pose a disadvantage for this type of elevator.
  • Though the hydraulic elevators have witnessed some improvements with the introduction of hole-less jacks, which come in pairs would be expensive after a certain height.
However, there is no dearth of elevator maintenance companies for the hydraulic lifts.
Other Considerations
The service providers at Service Plix can organize the elevators of any type with different door opening size ranging from 700 mm to 1000 mm. The proposal could include supply, installation, or repair of the elevators. In case you are looking for an elevator maintenance contract alone, we can arrange only exclusive maintenance, or you can enter an AMC. The service providers at Service Plix can also organize modernization of the existing elevator. Regardless of the type of elevator, your choice of either a stainless-steel cabinet or a wooden cabinet can be provided. You can contact Service Plix for the supply or modernization of the lifts for arranging a visit of the representative from the elevator maintenance companies in UAE.