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Facade Cleaning

You will agree that a well-designed façade whether for a commercial premise or a residential requirement would protect from the vagaries of weather besides serving the purpose of proper ventilation and natural lighting. The aesthetics of a building could enhance the ambiance only when the up-keep of façade is taken care of. A well-maintained building would no doubt attract the attention of many. At the same time, unkempt and unclean premises may be a place of negativity. All that you require to maintain the positive vibe is regular façade building cleaning. You might be regularly engaging the services of cleaning the stains and other affected areas of internal portions of the building. Generally, people tend to assign secondary importance to the façade and high rising wall portions due to logistic problems. However, you can now take a peaceful breath since there are professionals who can provide Facade and Window Cleaning Services in UAE. Once you experience the services from the trained manpower using appropriate tools and other technical methods in cleaning all sorts of unwanted and undesirable material, you will certainly realize that the service is very economical with good quality. You will be surprised to observe the ease with which theseprofessionals operate and execute the job. The professional staff knows various methods appropriate for an impeccable result whether it is building facade cleaning, facade glass cleaning or even window cleaning service. The Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) system in both manual and electric operated would ensure easy and convenient access to the remotest places for effective cleaning. If necessary, they mightalso provide window cradles in cleaning the exteriors of the high-rise towers.
Preliminary Scrutiny and Preparation
Once you entrust the responsibility of the job, our experienced supervisors would coordinate with you for a site visit and have a survey in choosing the right type of service required for each specific area. Then, the early scaffolding is arranged wherever it is absolutely required, which would take care of the movement of the clients as well as to the workmen involved in the job. The preliminary inspection and other groundwork would ensure minimum inconvenience to the occupants of the building. We have with us water-fed poles, which can extend to at least 60 feet height so that the facade areas can be accessed for effective cleaning. Thus, it is better to confine only this type of service instead of opting for aggressive methods, which would damage the surface. We assure you to render excellent Facade Cleaning Contracts in Dubai at reasonable rates.
Types of Façade Cleaning Services
  1. Normal Cleaning
The dust and other residual pollutants would in the normal course settle down on the exteriors or façade areas causing allergic reactions to the occupants unless they are cleaned at least two times a year. If the location is in the proximity of major thoroughfares or the ancillary industrial facilities, the building is exposed more thus requiresfrequent maintenance. The building facade cleaning includes removal of the pollen or sand settled on the glass exteriors of a building by the trained staff. The normal cleaning process is generally confined only for removing the dust settled on the surface and therefore, this is considered as a pre-requisite for any further type of cleaning taken up for specialized treatment. The expert opinion reiterates that normal cleaning if found sufficient, would be applied wherever possible. In case the normal cleaning methods fail to yield positive results, probably other accepted alternative methods would be thought of. It would ensure that the surface is not subjected to undesirable treatment.
  1. Water Cleaning
The normal sponge and squeegee method is adopted on smooth surfaces of stainless steel or aluminum. The marble titles will be washed and mopped appropriately. In case of tiles, which accumulated the dust would run off with the water cleaning. We also use de-ionized water with a brush for cleaning the tiles of either marble or other similar types for effective cleaning. Wherever rough surface consisting of stuccowork is observed, pressure washing is resorted to in building facade cleaning since the material is non-porous in nature. The experienced team would take care that pressure washing is not adopted wherever a porous material is present. It would be ensured that the water does not leak through the gaps inside the seams of a porous material like the travertine, brick or similar material where there is a possibility ofa gap. The grease and other dirt layers formed on the surfaces need high-pressure water cleaning possibly using the surfactants. The controlled and treated water sometimes even hot water used in this method would be very effective. Pressure washingis very useful and can be thought of on stone and other similar surfaces in order to remove moderate organic staining. As an exceptional service, you can use an ultra-high-pressure cleaning, albeit with the loss of substance. Therefore, this method is only suggested as a last resort unless other methods fail to produce the desired result. The glass façade will have an elegant look, which in fact, is very tough and hence durable if the upkeep is regular. The glaze of a glass unless maintained well would lose its sheen and therefore façade glass cleaning is to be undertaken at periodical intervals.
  1. Chemical Cleaning
In case, the normal water cleaning or pressure water cleaning does not yield the grime removal, perhaps, the alternative method of chemical cleaning is an option for effective removal of the encrusted grime on the facade surfaces.
Necessity of Chemical Cleaning
  • Water penetrating the brick, mortar and other construction material dissolves the salt present.
  • Due to normal temperature conditions and air flow, the salt leaves a stain on the surface, which is called efflorescence.
  • Efflorescence is an insoluble residue requiring cleaning with appropriate chemicals.
Points to Ponder
  • Appropriate chemicals with right mix ensuring no damage to the surface
  • Highly concentrated acids and leaches causing damage to the surface and building should be avoided
  • Use only optimal quantity
The indiscriminate chemical cleaning might also weaken the strength of a building thus exposing it to further risks to the structure and ultimately to the occupants of a building. It is no exaggeration that we are rendering top class Facade and Window Cleaning Services in UAEusing all accepted methods of cleaning processes. The Facade cleaning companies suggest that the insoluble deposits on the surface material can be removed by using the acid so that efflorescence on the material is removed. In order to neutralize the effect of acid used in the process, appropriate alkali is applied. While undertaking the chemical cleaning process, the professionals adhere to the safety measures of a process, which would avoid risk not only to the personnel involved in cleaning, but also the occupants whose health is considered as our responsibility while we are on the job. Theyare also trained in handling the first-aid methods in case of accidental contact or exposure to the chemicals.
  1. Abrasive Cleaning
Abrasive cleaning is done where the above three methods of normal cleaning, pressure cleaning and even chemical cleaning methods are not effective to achieve the desired façade cleaning. In this process, generally grinding, sanding and even blasting is resorted. Along with the dirt, grease or other unwarranted stains, soot, grimes are removed. There are chances of some part of the surface material being damaged. This method of cleaning process mainly comprises the grit blasting, grinding wheels, sanding disks and the combination of grit blasting with high-pressure washing. No doubt, the abrasive cleaning can remove a variety of stains on the surface. However, the process is not free from the undesirable exposure of the substrate, which might deteriorate faster than earlier. In case you observe any subsurface staining, again the abrasive method of cleaning is not suitable. The abrasive cleaning process might pose a daunting task in monitoring the progress because of the dust spread in this process. The silica dust causes a health hazard to the humans moving around in the surrounding places of work. Though it has its own advantages in achieving the desired result, it is fraught with certain disadvantages as well. Therefore, no expert associated with the Facade cleaning companies suggests this method unless it is totally warranted and unavoidable.
  1. Paint Removal
If you are painting the façade and other areas periodically, it is quite possible that the layers of paint applied over a period will weaken the structure too. Of course, sometimes, the paint layers become soft, start crumbling and fall off on their own. If the building, by chance is very old say about 40 years, there is a possibility that lead-based paint might have been used. This poses another environmental impact in removing the paint.  Any expert in the relevant field would be able to check the lead level present in the paint and you can take corrective action to avoid the health hazards. Prior to entering into the Facade Cleaning Contracts in Dubai, you should know that method of removal on different surfaces like stone, brick, metal, wood, glass or the metal is a specialized job suggesting only the exclusive method in case you need to maintain the aesthetics of the building. Any regular maintenance person can do the removal of paint from brick or a stone surface. However, professionals on the rolls can handle the best course of paint stripping.  Removing the paint containing lead substance is no easy job and a professional expertise is required to relieve you of the risk of ultimate health hazard. After removing the paint, in case you are repainting the surface, this is done easily. However, if you desire to leave the surface without repainting, you should remember to protect the surface with an appropriate protective layer to prevent forming moss, fungi or algae. Our suggestion would be to use breathable products on the surface, which prevent the ill effects of rain and temperature.
  1. Graffiti Removal
We believe in perfection. Though there are many simple and short cut methods of removing the graffiti, we adopt the best method keeping all the factors in view. The first method anyone can suggest is painting over the graffiti. This might seem to be the easiest method, but sometimes, the “patchwork” exposes the aesthetics of the surface and environment. Again, this method if repeatedly done on the same surface would result in peeling off the paint and renders ineffectual. In fact, chemical cleaning is another method with which the graffiti could be removed.  However, inappropriate chemicals, poor mix and application of the chemicals might damage the surface. Again you should remember that this method is not environmental-friendly.

While executing the graffiti job, remember to use only biodegradable products, which are eco-friendly and keep the following factors in mind:

  • Contact Time: The penetration of graffiti remover would be proportionate to the contact time allowed.
  • Weather: Remember that the warmer weather is more conducive for graffiti removers.
  • Application process: In case you use hard bristled brush, the product is more effective on the graffiti. However, this brush should not be used on the sensitive surface, which may damage it underlying beneath the graffiti.
  • Chemical: Right type of chemical is a primary requirement.
You may tweak contact time depending on the weather conditions or conversely create artificial change in the temperature by using water pressure washing methods for effective results.  Similarly, the other conditions could also be altered slightly to suit the local requirement, albeit keeping the above parameters in view. This would result in effective removal of graffiti and you would be happy that the job is executed by a professional agency.
Annual Maintenance Contract
You will agree that façade cleaning is a highly specialized job and to go through the hassles of inspection, getting the best price from a professional agency might be a discomfort for anyone.  In order to reduce the cumbersome process for you, we can suggest the Annual Maintenance Contract for the job you propose. Of course, our service providers can render one-time service or the AMC as per your desire. It is no exaggeration that there are only limited companies that render professional service at reasonable rates. The periodicity and interval between the consecutive services can be worked out depending on your requirement and convenience. You can receive customized services in case your requirement is very specific or you need any composite services for the building.