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Facilities Management

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Facilities management involves managing the areas of waste removal, maintenance, cleaning, upkeep of buildings, HVAC systems, and the security of a business. They are a major source of expenditure and as such should be closely managed to ensure costs are kept to a minimum and everything is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.   In order for this to happen attentive supervision and quality maintenance are necessary. In most cases a specialized facilities management service will be needed as such a role is understandably beyond the capacity of most non-technical managers. Due to its broad scope facilities management involves multiple disciplines to maintain a fully functioning work environment which includes the building, the people that work there, and the processes and technology which are used in its daily operation. Professional facilities management should look beyond the fix what’s broken only when it breaks paradigm, and instead work towards a schedule that maintains the infrastructure before it gets broken in order to minimize disruptions to the daily operation of the building. The operation and maintenance of buildings and land is a major part of a business’s operational costs. Facilities management companies should aim to bring down these costs not only through the development of the building but also by ensuring the efficient operation of all equipment in the building, and that everything is kept up to date during the building’s life cycle. The government is always changing standards, especially when it comes to safety of employees and customers. An effective facilities management company is duty bound to ensure compliance with all of these standards. The chance of litigation for injury or sickness will be reduced as a business employs all current safety measure to keep both staff and customers free from harm. Correct and current documentation is also crucial should the unfortunate happen and the business becomes involved in a lawsuit. Businesses today can all benefit greatly by appearing to take a proactive approach in operating in an environmentally friendly manner. The benefits are twofold; firstly, they will be creating a positive image in the eyes of an increasingly environmentally aware public, and secondly they will be saving on operating costs as going green usually goes hand in hand with reducing energy expenditure and waste. Professional facility management companies in Abu Dhabi are the best way to achieve this positive outlook. Using facility management companies in Dubai will also add to a business’s bottom line by increasing the resale value of a property. A well maintained landscape and building will always fetch a higher price, and spend less time on the market when it comes time to sell the property.

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