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Fire-fighting services in Dubai | Firefighting solutions in UAE

Fire may occur anytime anywhere and remember in any kind of facility. No one denies that fire is nothing but a chemical reaction ignited by heat energy where the presence of oxygen in the air facilitates the substance to burn. No doubt, it is a great friend of humanity when used in a controlled and safe manner. However, if the same fire spreads in an uncontrolled manner, it can be a vicious enemy for the mankind, property and any living creature nearby. Therefore, the aim is to minimize the risk of fire prevention from starting in an uncontrolled manner. Thus, a firefighting system assumes importance for a building, public place or an industrial house, etc. Unfortunately, it is a fact that a fire-fighting system is not a priority item while you raise a building or even there is a congregation of humans, albeit temporarily for attending some function or an event. In case of any exigency, an appropriate fire-fighting system minimizes the loss of lives as well as to the structures. The list of intangible benefits of a proper fire-fighting system is long. Therefore, State authorities recognized the due value of a system and made the appropriate fire and safety equipment mandatory without which the occupancy certificate is not issued.
The firefighting system comprises any or all of the features depending on the size, type, and age of the structure.
  • The first line of attack is through fire extinguisher of multiple variants like car fire extinguishers, portable devices, etc.
  • Fire blanket to extinguish incipient fires
  • You can also control fire by enhancing the pressure by hose reels, isolated valves, etc.
  • Fire Hydrant System working on the water reticulation system minimizes the role of fire hoses and allows the trained persons to douse or control the fire. The concomitant system includes pumps, water tank, and fire service booster.
  • Auto Sprinkler System is a very sensitive system for controlling the fire, and therefore, more reliable system in saving the lives of the occupants and property.
Any experienced person understands that a firefighting system for each building is different, say an individual dwelling, a bungalow or a castle, a palace, condominium of dwelling units like an Apartment complex, or an industrial unit, etc. Therefore, you could visualize the requirement while planning the structure and integrate the firefighting system. The extra mile going beyond the basic and mandatory compliance would be a long way in achieving the objectives.
Types of Firefighting Solutions
  1. Car fire extinguisher
  2. Portable fire extinguisher
  3. Fire blanket
  4. Mobile fire extinguisher
  5. Fire fighting trailer
  6. Fire cabinet
  7. Fire alarm
  8. Fire pumps & controller
  9. Sprinkler system
  10. Fire Extinguisher refill
Annual Maintenance Contract
The responsibility of a homeowner or business owner continues beyond the installation of an appropriate fire fighting system. They should ensure that the system is in place for periodical preventive maintenance. You can opt for a regular Annual Maintenance Contract wherein the professional would inspect at the scheduled intervals to ensure that the equipment is working properly. You can also call them in case you notice a probable damage. They would be too glad to add any additional requirements or upgrade the existing system with a reasonable charge to meet the increased demand or any other statutory guidelines.

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