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Flooring & Wall Tiling

Of all the available flooring services in Middle East, the reputed company providers at Service Plix can organize a variety of flooring services like wood flooring, ceramic tiles, marble, and carpet flooring besides other types like marble, bamboo, floor matt, terrazzo serving different purposes. If you have the requirement of any type of flooring, it would be prudent to gain some first-hand information before you deal with any flooring contractors.
Concrete Flooring
The decorative and high-end concrete finish is not a cup of tea for every flooring contractor in Dubai. You need to shortlist the expert floor contractors from Service Plix if your objective is to have an impeccable job without any flaws and inadequacies. If a mottled and variegated color of either opaque or translucent feature is your preferred choice on any cementitious surface, the experts in the relevant field could suggest concrete staining. The flooring will be chip-free and does not discolor unlike ordinary paints since the hydro and water-borne stains used in the process would penetrate the concrete surface.
Epoxy Flooring
The technological advancements of the floor installers have brought about fundamental changes in creating beautiful and unique images, thanks to the epoxy flooring system. The decorative stone epoxy flooring is environment-friendly and does not emanate from caustic odors or fumes. This type enhances the image of business ambiance and therefore, stimulates increased productivity. The specialized efforts of an expert team in surface preparation through short blast or diamond grind would enable durable and long lasting because of appropriate pain adhesion.
Vinyl Flooring
There is no exaggeration that a layman cannot differentiate vinyl flooring and laminate flooring since the appearance could be similar, durable and even financially economical. The vinyl flooring or vinyl plank flooring is purely synthetic having a fiberglass base over which the PVC, and a plasticizer coating are applied. The thickness of vinyl or vinyl planks may vary and therefore, are thinner in comparison to laminate flooring. Multiple choices of vinyl floorings like the acoustic vinyl flooring, sports vinyl flooring or the vinyl bathroom flooring makes the preference depending on multiple factors. We have reputed service providers at Service Plix to arrange any specialized vinyl flooring Dubai companies. The interiors of a bathroom or other places like the kitchen could lift up the image and value of the premises regardless of residential, commercial, or other types of business houses. Many people prefer anti slip vinyl flooring bathroom to enhance the safety of users. No doubt, the kitchen flooring needs to withstand the rigors besides being not only water-resistant but also stain resistant rendering hassle-free maintenance. Therefore, people generally opt for vinyl kitchen flooring with sheets or tiles that are more durable. The high footfalls of the kitchen staff and waiting staff of a restaurant or the hotel industry need robust and sturdy commercial kitchen flooring. In addition to the commercial vinyl flooring, other options include stone tile, brick pavers, or the ceramic tiles offering a variety of benefits.
Gym Flooring
The sweat in the gym and the proximity of various types of sports equipment are prone to accidental slip to the users. To avoid such a contingency, generally, the rubberized flooring is a preferred choice. The gym flooring should be able to withstand tough and hard impact and therefore, gym rubber flooring scores a point over other choices.
Wooden Flooring
The warmth under your feet and the durability of the wooden floor installation make the first choice for achieving ethereal beauty. The wooden flooring Dubai companies assure easy maintenance and elegance, which is certainly the value you receive in return of the amount you spend. A wide choice available with the wood flooring installers, you can expect dual benefits of versatility and durability. Regardless of the premises like school, office or the business house in the common area or interiors, the flooring installation Abu Dhabi includes translucent glass flooring, which allows light on both the floors. It is also ideal to opt for the carpet floor in case you have an art gallery in view making the visitors a gentle and soft walking comfort. The inherent nature of the carpet absorbs light besides soaking the noise, which is ideal for a museum or a gallery environment. There are many contractors associated with flooring installations who offer a comprehensive service of supply, including the installation. Alternatively, you can opt for the only installation if you have bought the material already. Many companies replace the existing flooring with any other type of your choice. Any service either supply or installation, exclusively or in combination, can be availed at the click of a button via phone call or email to Service Plix. Our representative would fix up the appointment and discuss further details with designs and patterns.

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