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Home Maintenance

Annual Home Maintenance That Saves You Money and Headaches

Home Maintenance in UAE | Home Maintenance Company

The family home is the biggest investment most people make in their lifetimes so looking after it should be a top priority. Preventative maintenance may cost a little in the short-term (and in some case nothing at all) but the long-term savings can be huge. Here are five tips which can help you save a bundle, and also prevent future headaches and expensive repair bills.
Weather Strip Doors and Windows
Heating and cooling are two of the biggest drains on your finances but you can take steps to minimize your yearly power bill by adding weather stripping to your doors and windows. Older homes may also benefit from a little caulking on the outer frames of the windows to increase the insulating ability of your home.
Switch Your Ceiling Fans into Reverse
Cool air sinks and warm air rises, so during the cooler months you can keep your home comfortable simply by switching your ceiling fans into reverse. This redistributes the warmer air circulating around the ceiling throughout the rest of the room. If you haven’t yet installed ceiling fans then you should seriously consider installing a few as they are the most cost efficient way of keeping the air circulating through the house.
Clean the Gutters
Debris in your gutters prevents water from flowing to where it should, and pooling where it shouldn’t. Over time, excessive pooling can be very costly once it starts to compromise the house foundation or damage the roof.
Find and Seal Cracks in your Air Ducts
A lot of cool air destined for the rooms in your homes can literally leak through the cracks in your HVAC system. Grab some cheap duct tape and seal them up. It’s an inexpensive solution which you can easily do yourself.
Yearly Check for Leaky Faucets and Toilets
Water is a precious resource but it also costs you money, so the more you save from the drain the better it will be for your wallet. Once a year go through and check your home for leaky faucets and toilets and fix any that need attention. Even a small drip can add up to a pool’s worth of water in a few months if left unattended. These are just a few of the things you can do yourself to save money on home maintenance and repairs. However, some jobs may be a little too big for you to do alone. In these cases, home handyman services such as the quality businesses you can find on can provide the expertise for the maintenance tasks you can’t do yourself.

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