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Intercom System

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Benefits of Installing an Intercom System

The main and obvious advantage to installing an intercom is that you can see or talk to who is asking to enter your premises before granting access, but there are a few more advantages to having an intercom installed at your home or business – especially if you spring for one of the many video models on the market.
Screen Visitors Before Allowing Access
If your main purpose is to screen visitors before allowing access to your premises then an intercom system is the perfect addition. Criminals with nefarious goals in mind will be deterred if they know they must identify themselves before entering your building. Plus, having their faces on camera also makes them extremely uncomfortable.
Ease of Communication
Larger businesses with employees spread out over a wide area can benefit immensely with an audio intercom system from the time savings alone. Personnel communicating with other staff will no longer need to leave their desk and waste time walking from one side of the building to the other – and getting distracted along the way. Staff can learn what they need to know immediately to get on with the job without waiting for an email reply.
Restrict Access to only Authorized Personnel
Many businesses have secure areas where only authorized personnel should have access. Key or card security systems have vulnerabilities, such as if the key is lost or stolen. A video intercom system where visual identification can be made will help keep the area safe and secure from prying eyes.
Advanced Security
Night staff and after-hours security personnel are particularly vulnerable to criminal activity. A video record of staff or visitors they allow into and out of the building can help back up their statements should something untoward occur. The intercom will also give them a visual indication that there is indeed just one person requesting entry, and allows them a visual check of their ID without opening the door.
A Discount on Insurance Premiums
Insurance companies love reduced risk – something which a quality intercom system provides – and most will offer reduced premiums. If your insurance company refuses to come to the party you will at least have a bargaining chip with which to shop around for a more generous policy. If you are in the market for an intercom system, or need upgrades and repairs, check out the providers on – where you can contact a few businesses at once from one convenient location, and receive the best value quote. Get the Best Intercom System Services in Dubai. Get Free Quotes.

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