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How to choose the best interior design companies in UAE
Effective interior decorating is all about using color and light to bring out the best in a room.  The best interior designs create rooms that complement each other and reflect a little of your personality. While most people have an idea of what they like, implementing their ideas is often a challenge when they lack the proper skills, training, or natural flair of professional designers. However, there are things most of us can do to brighten up a drab room, short of doing a complete overhaul. Also, when it comes down to it, the difference between creating a pleasing room or a complete disaster depends on knowing what not to do just as much as knowing what to do.

Many budding interior designers attempting to decorate on their own often fail to utilize the windows of a room effectively. Furniture is often set up to make the most out of the main focal point of the room, such as a fireplace or entertainment unit, while the windows are completely forgotten.

For instance, hanging the curtains too low will create the illusion of a smaller room, while hanging them a little higher will open it up. Basically, the higher you can fix your curtain rods the taller and more open the room will appear. Also, curtains should be neither too short nor too narrow, and they should hang loosely when closed. A nice color contrast can also be created with the use of differently colored side drapes.

Avoid cluttering the room when you are deciding on the furniture to go in it. A piece of furniture shouldn’t be chosen just because it looks nice, but rather should be selected to enhance the room. Make sure you have plenty of traffic space between the furniture pieces (about 36 inches is usually sufficient) and if you really must have your decorative items, then consider a curio cabinet to display your favorite pieces.

A lot of amateur decorators are great when it comes to deciding on the furniture but have no clue when it comes to color. Without proper use of color, a room will look drab and lifeless. Luckily, color is one of the easiest strategies to implement in any interior decoration project. A few well-placed paintings, a feature wall of a different color to complement the main color, and brightly colored curtains can all have the effect of bringing a room to life.

You don’t have to be an artistic genius, or have a massive budget to transform your interior to something fresh and vibrant, but you do need to consider carefully when deciding which features are going to work best in the room to bring the most out of it. If you feel like your next interior decorating project may be a little overwhelming, you can always get in contact with one of the many reputable and affordable interior design companies in UAE to help you out.

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