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Landscaping Solutions in UAE | Landscaping Companies in Dubai If you’ve been convinced that a landscaping firm is for you or your community, then there are a few things you need to find out about them before making a decision on who gets your contract. Depending on where you live there may be licenses needed to operate as a landscaper in a particular area. This ensures that the company you are dealing with is not a fly-by-night company, and will be around whenever you need support or advice. In addition, you should be aware of the varied services offered by professional landscaping companies in Dubai. Scroll down to know more.
Types of Landscaping Services
Service Plix is a digital database with the top service providers across sectors. Finding the best landscaping companies in UAE is quite possible for any homeowner or property dealer. Let us now check the types of landscaping services you may avail here.
  • Design Service: From beautifying the lawns, to manicuring the bushes, you can get the best designs for your gardens or front yard.
  • Soft Landscaping Service: You can expect the expert horticulturists and landscaping experts to guide you and help in keeping a soft touching to your outer hedge.
  • Hard Landscaping Service: The top landscaping companies in UAE offer hard landscaping services too allowing the homeowners to opt for planting on concrete pavers and stone pavers.
  • Maintenance: Whether it is designer-styled landscapes or soft landscaping, you will definitely require regular maintenance. Check out Service Plix for signing up a package deal with one of the best-rated companies for your property landscaping ideas.
Services in Soft Landscaping
  • Ground Clearance: A new property owner will have a vision of what he or she wishes to do with the plot. Clearing the ground will be a task to accomplish.
  • Plant and Tree Removal: The experts will need to do Damas tree removal or even de-weeding of the grounds if there is a need.
  • Soil Preparation: Before planting, the landscaping expert will check the soil’s fertility, for microclimates, and more.
  • Grass/Lawn: Whether you wish to adorn the front yard with seasonal colors and plants or simply go for the native hedges, you can have it all.
  • Artificial Grass: Nothing beautifies a rolling piece of un-used land than artificial grass. The landscape design gives a new edge and style to the otherwise dull area or even in terraces.
  • Planting flowers / Bushes / Trees: Enhancing the look of a garden or making a backyard an ideal place to hang out, right at home – this is the objective behind these landscape designers and installers.
Services in Hard Landscaping
  • Design: Look out for the professionals who excel and have attained fame for their hard landscaping garden design. The experienced team of the company will show you a portfolio of successful and acclaimed projects.
  • Planting: This step requires many artistic sensibilities and one cannot deny that fair horticultural knowledge of the local areas will help.
  • Lighting: Lighting plays a vital role and makes the gardens get a new lease of life post-sunset.
  • Pathways and Walkways: With contemporary pathways, casual garden walkways or stone and flagstone, the property owners can ask for more.
  • Pergolas and Arbours: Aesthetics take a step forward with the Pergolas and arbours. The landscaping companies in UAE have a wide range of options for the clients.
  • Decking: Stylish and precisely cut wooden decks are always in vogue. The experts are available to install or replace these wooden decks on the area by the pool.
  • Retaining walls and raised planters: Terracing the gardens and giving compaction for a beautiful set of bright flowerbed is what many companies excel.
  • Fountains / Water Gardens: Giving a plain garden a touch of class is the ornate water fountain or the addition of small ponds. There are professional companies on Service Plix maintaining these.
  • Irrigation Systems: Waters the garden plants and shrubs with a drip irrigation system or other such innovative methods.
  • Fencing: Adding a fence or hedges to make a proper boundary needs an expert for installation.
Services in Landscaping Maintenance
  • Weeding: For a garden to remain in the top shape, taking care of the tiniest details of weeding is essential.
  • Rooting out: Removal of old or dead trees from the root requires expert handling.
  • Pruning: Pruning and trimming the shrubs in time can save nine. This is a part of the regular maintenance service.
  • Trimming: Trimming bonsai trees and flower beds are necessary to keep the aesthetics straight.
  • Hedge cutting: The hedges can add to the beauty if you take care of removing the brambles from time to time.
  • Lawn edging: The lawns get a proper definition with timely edging service.
  • Mowing: Overgrown grass on lawns that need mowing for easy access and beautifying the property.
  • Fertilization: Adding mulch and manure to increase the growth of plants gets a professional touch.
  • Tree care: Spraying with eco-friendly insecticides for the healthy life of trees is an essential aspect of landscaping.
  • Litter removal: Cleaning up of debris and trash from the property is an additional service.
  • Leaf clearances: Post autumn and winter, the companies offer leaf clearance from the property.
  • Grass edging: Grass between and beside the concrete pathway requires constant care.
  • Lawn treatment: Lawns need care from pests and treatment from any seasonal impact.
  • Lawn care: Checking the lawns for pests from time to time is necessary as well.
  • Grass seeding: Landscape contractors also check the growth of grass with timely seeding.
  • Hedge cutting: Using effective gardening tools, these professionals take half the time compared to us doing manually.
  • Shrub pruning: Essential for keeping the garden look like one straight from a fairyland is the pruning of shrubs.
  • Watering: Crucial to keep the flowers blooming is watering - a service that the companies do with care.
Landscaping Maintenance
Landscaping maintenance can be done one-time, daily, weekly, or even as an annual contract. In one-time maintenance, the professional includes tree removals and checking the soil’s PH Balance and adding mulch. The daily service involves only regular watering of plants at a commercial or residential property. In weekly service, the landscape contractors clean gazebos, trim the shrubs, pathways, and take care of the low-maintenance gardens and pools. Finally, in the Annual contract, the experts perform hard landscaping for the interiors, including planter checks and irrigation system checks once a year in addition to the related landscaping services.
Why Choose Landscaping Companies at Service Plix?
  • Affordable services
  • Competitive packages including designing, installation, and maintenance
  • Supplies for a native and hybrid range of flowers and plants
  • Professional and mess-free maintenance as per the growth
In nutshell, Landscapes and Gardens are a long-term deal and require regular maintenance and tender loving care. This can mean that there may be a bit more to it than pulling out a few weeds every now and then. Some plants need an attentive eye or will die off if not looked after correctly. The best course of action is to draft out a long-term contract to the best landscape contractors found at Service Plix to check on the properties, make sure everything is in order, and give the plants what they need to flourish. Even lawn mowing is on the table for many landscapers as a service, and it may be worth your while to include it as part of a complete package that will likely save you money but will definitely save you time. Get Free Quotes from the Best Landscaping Companies in Dubai.

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