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Light Fittings & Fixtures

Light Fittings & Fixtures in UAE | Electrical Companies in Dubai

Lighting in the home or office is integral to getting the best use out of the space for what you wish to use it for. Every area is different and so each area will need a tailor made solution to get the best use of light for the intended purpose of the area. So it’s essential to put in at least a little effort when deciding on the lighting you need for your environment, be it a home or business. An office space housing employees needs to be well lit to ensure that all staff can remain productive and alert. Adequate lighting also ensures that they will not suffer from eye strain and other eye related problems due to lack of sufficient lighting. Traditionally, fluorescent ceiling lights are used for this type of environment, with modern lighting technologies creating extra options for longer life and more decorative lighting solutions than ever before, so there’s no reason you have to settle on a bland and uninspired design. To learn about the various lighting arrangements and techniques available today the best strategy is to consult with an expert at one of the many lighting companies in UAE. A few examples of the type of lighting you may be looking for are general lighting, task lighting, ceiling lighting, decorative lighting, and adjustable lighting. As retail spaces accommodate customers and clients, particular attention needs to be paid to the lighting. Poorly lit areas will not be conducive to productive meetings between staff and customers, and the area as a whole will come across as dingy and unattractive.  In a sales environment accent lighting can be an effective marketing tool to subtly highlight items you want to draw the customer’s attention to. Task lighting is designed to provide the correct type of lighting for a particular task such as reading, sewing, or balancing a check book. There are many ways to achieve task lighting effectively with the types of lights typically used being track lighting, recessed lighting, or portable lamps with the aim of the lighting to provide a bright enough area without causing eyestrain. Decorative lighting comes in many shapes and sizes, for areas both large and small. Large, grand areas which cater to large gatherings could benefit greatly from attractive chandeliers. The type of chandelier will depend a lot on the size of the area, with bigger areas naturally needing a larger fixture. A room with a second story will also limit your choices to chandeliers which look attractive from above, as well as below. Whatever your needs are for lighting will have you covered. Check out the lighting section on their website where you will have access to a number of lighting companies in Dubai and surrounds who have already been tested by Service Plix for quality and reliability.

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