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Marble Polishing

There is no exaggeration that marble flooring is very close to your heart. You were indeed feeling proud of the ‘mirror’ image the flooring had when it was laid. Over the period of time, are you observing a dull look or the scraping abrasions with more footfalls of heavy traffic? With regular maintenance, the marble or any other material would lose its sheen. The accumulated grit and chemical stains need to be removed by deep cleaning, grinding or polishing, etc. periodically. We will be more than happy to render the Marble Polishing Services in UAE. If you are contemplating for such service, please do not compromise on the efficient and professional marble polishing solutions for your unit, whether it is a domestic dwelling or a commercial building.

You can take an insight of the professional marble cleaning and polishing services before zeroing down on any company.

Grinding and Polishing

This process can be handled by any of our service providers with ease since everyone is trained in a specified area of the job.

  • Preparation   

Normal clean water is used, which would facilitate as a lubricant while grinding the floor. The process of grinding floors is a specialized job requiring the right type of machine, and the industrial diamonds and chemical compounds in order to get the desired result. You should remember that only an expert in the field would be able to decide whether to use a lower number of industrial diamonds of the grit or a higher sequence.

As you commence flooring grinding from the lowest number, you will notice that the hard stain of a top layer of the stone is removed, and the floor will have a uniform level.  Similarly, the sequence of a number is increased so that fresh layers of the stone are exposed for grinding, and the stubborn stains disappear.

Though generally, the process of grinding remains similar, the attachments required for each type of flooring like the marble, Italian marble, granite, etc. varies, which only the expert would be able to decide the right attachment at the right time.

  • Polishing

Polishing of the floor makes the surface smooth, and the floor starts shining. While scrubbing of the floor is like massaging or buffing and makes the floor shinier. The whiteness left by grinding is removed by using a floor-polishing pad along with an appropriate polish powder. In case, if there are remains of the polish powder for more than the optimal time, the floor reacts and leaves the stains on it.

The chemical hardener can be applied on the surface of the marble floor to allow it seep in. With this hardener, the durability and porosity of the flooring is toned up. This process minimizes the chances of stains and scratches in future.

  • Crystallization

There are certain crystallization agents, which ensure that the floor gloss is restored to the desired level. The steel wool pad buffing assures you a “mirror” image of the flooring. Unless the final process is not done professionally by the floor polishing companies, the efforts might go waste, and the anticipated result might not fascinate you.

Marble Restoration   

At the outset, you should remove the misconception that marble flooring does not require any maintenance. Remember that the marble stone is a natural stone, which is soft and has a normal wear and tear like any other material. The porous feature of the stone allows water to seep in. In addition to becoming dull in its shine, there are also chances of scratches and etching on the floor. If the damage is severe, there is no other remedy than restoration of the stone itself. An unqualified technician might resort to the short-cut methods in doing some patchwork.

The specialized team engaged by the Marble restoration companies virtually undertakes to repair the cracks or chipping and also discoloration of the flooring in addition to scrubbing and restoring the caulking the grout lines. If the manpower is not doing a meticulous job, you are taken for a ride and the efficiency is certainly compromised.

The specialized team also undertakes the lip page removal or flattening the tiles by removing all ledges and deep scratch before honing of the flooring is executed.

The state-of-the-art technology used by our service providers would restore the original look of marble floor. In addition to the marble flooring, even in case of counters, showers or the staircase or the vanities and even the fireplaces, it would be the responsibility of a team to render the service to your satisfaction.

Even if the premise under consideration is of a commercial establishment with high density of traffic and daily footfalls, it does not deter us in assuring you marble restoration as was originally laid. The perfect job of marble restoration in Dubai executed by our service provider will reinforce the confidence level you had reposed in our team.

There is no exaggeration that after the job is executed, you will certainly have a “wow” feeling.  Of course, the job of the experts does not end there. Our service providers would offer you some tips on the stone care. You should follow regular maintenance guidelines as suggested by the professional team.

Sealing the Flooring

There is no quick-fix solution for arresting the stains and moisture intrusion into the marble flooring due to the nature of a stone being a natural stone, which is also porous. The normal usage level and high-traffic density would decide the frequency of a marble floor sealing. In any case, it would be prudent to opt for the sealing at least on an annual basis. Though the process seems simpler, it is not as easy as it appears to be. There is a host of stone sealers, which are petroleum-based. Again, the professional would be able to shortlist the ideal stone sealer for your premises keeping in view the hazardous features of the sealer, unless they are applied in premises without adequate ventilation. An expert always suggests water-based or citrus-oil based solutions, which are environment-friendly. Depending on your choice, we recommend silicon polymers added with ingredients resulting in “wet finish” or the “dry or matt finish” whichever you may like.

  • Cleaning

A thorough cleaning of the marble flooring is necessary with a pH neutral cleaner exclusively made for the marble. You can rest assured that our service provider does not use any cleaner, which contains either vinegar or any acid to avoid the chances of stone etching. Anyway, after the cleaning is completed, we allow the floor to completely dry.

In order to test the compatibility of a sealer with the flooring, select a small trial area possessing the least significance and apply the sealer. Once the sealer dries, you will notice whether a specific area sealed gels uniformly with the remaining area. In case the team member observes improper color on any of the tiles except the glossy finish, select an alternative sealer for a perfect match.

  • Sealing the tiles

Subsequent to matching the sealer, you can take up other area of individual tiles using a foam brush. The thin layer applied to the tile should evaporate within no time. In case you notice any bubble, you should smoothen the same with an edge of the foam brush. Instead of a foam brush, some find it convenient to use a soft cloth for sealing purpose. Once the job is done, it may generally take about 3-4 hours to completely dry.

  • Sealing the grout

On the similar lines, you can seal the grout joints too selecting a small section of the area.  You may run through the thin edge of a brush through grout joints and at the same time, wipe out extra sealer found while running the brush.

  • Abundant caution

Perhaps, it is not a bad idea to repeat the process of marble sealing and grout joints as well for more effective and long-lasting result. The ideal time for resuming a normal use and regular cleaning of the floor is set at 2-3 days so that the sealer sets in perfectly. You should also ensure that no staining agents are kept within the area of sealing until the flooring is totally cured.

Types of Surfaces

  • Marble: There is no doubt that marble flooring or at other places, the marble stone adds to the elegance of area. Since the marble is a natural soft stone, which is porous in nature, would absorb the moisture and lead to discoloration due to normal wear and tear. You too would be able to bring the marble’s shine in Abu Dhabi when you utilize the services from a reputed company like ours.
  • Tile and Grout: Though there are umpteen varieties of the material used, generally while grouting, the tiled flooring is done using the rubber or plastic spacers, which are tiny x shaped pieces. These are placed at the corner of each tile, which in turn creates an even line and rows. The tiles then placed on the adhesive backing will properly hold the sub floor evenly.
  • Concrete: The very tough and resilient flooring can sustain any pressure from trucks, forklifts, or other heavy vehicles. It does not chip out or get damaged unless you use force and therefore, durable too. The eco-friendly flooring is also easy to maintain. However, the drawback is that the hard surface might injure you in case of a fall. Further, the concrete flooring would be cooler in the winter season since it does not absorb heat.
  • Flamed Granite: When you see intense fire at the stone, you will get a rough surface and is suitable for exterior applications where you experience dampness. Alternatively, for the outdoor kitchen or a shower floor, this type of surface is suitable.
  • Granite: Recently, the granite is in great demand, especially for countertops and in the kitchen, which can withstand the heat. This obviously enhances the elegance besides being durable. You have a choice for either polished granite or honed granite.
  • Quartz: The composite combination of resin, quartz, sand and the color pigment mixed with some crushed mirror pieces make the quartz flooring. The sparkling appearance makes the material referred to as starlight quartz. You should ensure not more than 7% resin to avoid susceptibility to scratches. The 95% of quartz makes the material brittle and thus the optimum ratio is 93:7.
  • Limestone: The sedimentary rock nature makes the limestone material very suitable for a decorative area like the pavers or slabs or mosaic tiles also. The ancient architectural masterpieces are being used worldwide to enhance the beautiful look of the exteriors.
  • Porcelain: The water-resistant ceramic type porcelain is stronger and harder than other materials. Due to durability and low maintenance, the material is gaining importance in all types of architectural applications. The fire-resistant quality and other advantages add to the lifespan of the material and you need not have to replace the porcelain for decades.
  • Solid Surface: Many users prefer using resilient flooring and avail of the concomitant benefits of color, texture and other benefits including the durability of the flooring either for a commercial establishment or for domestic use.
  • Terrazzo: The composite material comprises chips of marble, quartz, granite, and glass either precast or otherwise along with the chemical binding or polymer or both. Prior to the material settling, you may sprinkle additional metal chips and then opt for grinding and polishing for a smooth surface.
  • Salturnia: You can have a choice of opting for the honed travertine tiles as excellent flooring. You will have minimum grout lines since the tiles are abutting each other. This natural stone with beautiful variants can eventually create a beautiful and attractive design, which is pleasing to the eyes of a beholder.

Once you engage the services from our professional service provider for any marble polishing solutions and any other type of flooring, you will vouch the top-class expertise service is no match for any other marble polishing contractor. No sooner, you contact us than we will depute a supervisor for a site visit to execute the job as per your convenience. It is no exaggeration that all this professional service is quite affordable and meets everyone’s pocket.

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