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Of late, the due significance of Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) services has been recognized as a 360° solution under one umbrella. You might be aware that MEP service encompasses HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Ventilation, Firefighting and the entire Building Maintenance System. For a client, it would be prudent and convenient to look for MEP services in Dubai from a single source so that a single-point contact would make coordination and logistics easier. MEP comprehensive service includes providing SLA-based and tailor-made services with quick response and resolution of breakdowns by our skilled manpower. The evaluation of the performance of major equipment and re-engineering of HVAC and Firefighting systems in MEP companies in Abu Dhabi is also our specialisation.
Air Conditioning
The air-conditioning system ensures cooling and humidity control in a dwelling place through appropriate refrigerants like water, air, or chemicals through a compressor driving the thermodynamic refrigeration cycle.
  • Split System vs Packaged System
In public buildings, whether offices or commercial complex, it would be convenient to install the package system or a central air-conditioning system since the bulky air ducts would be easily installed. However, if the footprints are limited, we suggest a split system where the evaporator coil, and the condenser placed at a remote place are connected through piping. You can mount the indoor unit either to the walls or on the ceiling or can also be suspended from the ceiling. Due to fan motor located outside, the indoor noise level is lower in the split system compared to window AC system. The key area of designing is more important besides identifying the ideal source of supply. Equally important is the installation or commissioning of the equipment and final testing to ensure that every system is working in a perfect condition. The expertise in MEP Contracting in UAE is a plenty and economical if you are able to identify the right source.
No doubt that without electricity, almost no gadget works. Therefore, the all-pervasive electrical services include:
  • Electrical design and interior/exterior lighting
  • Industrial power control
  • Power conditioning
  • Emergency Power
  • Overhead or underground power distribution of High Voltage
  • Grounding
  • Lightning protection
  • Energy studies
  • Electric energy audit
  • Low voltage lighting
  • High Voltage Switchgear
  • Substation or Transformer
  • Diesel generators
The electrical designing for domestic, commercial and industrial requirement obviously differs. Therefore, you should identify appropriate MEP Contractor in UAE for a professional service for an ideal situation. Similarly, another specialized area is identifying a reliable and dependable source of supply for electrical installation. Our team would facilitate in identifying the right source for the right supply, which would be economical. In addition to the commissioning of installation, you should look for preventive and “on call” maintenance for meeting any exigencies without which the activity in the establishment might come to a standstill.
BTU Meter Installation
You should not undermine technical capability for executing BTU installation, whether it is a residential dwelling, a small commercial building or a large-scale industrial unit where the boilers and chillers are to be required. The company providing a service should be capable of designing for retro-fitting BTU.  Subsequent to installation, the recording of energy consumption also requires certain technical knowledge. Our technical team of MEP service providers would be able to handle either the hard-wired or wireless system of any magnitude for water or the cooling system. Our experience shows that in many cases, the infrastructure is in place at the premises but the lack of software for commissioning. The BTU meter commissioning followed by the reading is all done under the supervision of a qualified engineer:
We feel proud to be specialized in the field of
  • Installation of any heating system for residential/ domestic requirement or commercial or industrial
  • Regardless the size of the boiler, our experience varies in installation and in a tower black
  • Renewable technology from ground source heat pumps or the tri-generator system
  • Air Conditioning systems
  • Our technicians are certified by NICEIC
The design and build team is in-house, and thus it is a one-stop solution for any service connected to the BTU installation.
In the recent times, the combination of three services - Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning have been coined into one system referred as HVAC. There is no exaggeration that the HVAC has become an industry norm for any commercial or industrial unit. The HVAC system working on warm or cool or dehumidified air flow through the duct and distributed to the occupants is the most convenient and comfortable system. The heating system based on heated water or steam has a circulator or a pump to distribute heat to the required surroundings. The radiator ensures a flow through hot-water coils in the hydro-air system. Similarly, the warm air can also be distributed through air ducts for supply and return of air through either metal or fibreglass. The system of using the furnace, boiler or the space heaters for indoor heating is fraught with a danger of incomplete combustion. There is a possibility of excessive carbon monoxide and other harmful by-products affecting the health. If an appropriate ventilation system is not in place, you might develop a headache, nausea or vomiting in case the carbon monoxide level is higher. Any level exceeding 1000 ppm of carbon monoxide might result lethal for the human beings. The professional guidance in proper HVAC system would result in saving the energy consumption, and thereby you will observe lower electric bills.
Building Management System
The Building Management System (BMS), which sometimes is also referred to Building Automation System (BAS) is a comprehensive system for any building. With the advancement of technology, you can take an advantage of smart and digital programming methods gradually replacing the conventional C-Plus Profibus alternatives. The newer technology like the Internet of Things (IoT) has escalated the levels of efficiency by remote access, monitoring, and control. You can introduce Computer-based monitor and control systems for any area of ventilation, lighting, power systems besides the firefighting and security systems.

The advantages of utilizing the software for BMS are immense:

  • Reduction in operational cost by collecting the data from a single point of contact utilizing the IP address
  • Offsite monitoring in a more efficient manner is economically viable.
  • Enhanced efficiency level of space usage by introducing the door sensors, you will be able to monitor low occupancy and accordingly set the thermostats to effectively control the energy bills.
  • Base isolation is also easier in case of disaster management like the earthquakes to save the structures too.
  • Very advantageous in identifying the flood-prone zones in coastal areas
  • Introduction of SAFE building system results in float buildings and other utilities, including the roadways
  • CCTV, Life or elevator management and PA system could also be optimized
  • Higher levels of productivity
Domestic Ventilation System
The process involves replacing the air to tone the temperature or minimize moisture, odour, airborne bacteria, dust or heat to replenish oxygen and reducing the level of carbon dioxide. The ventilation process allows maintaining the acceptable level of qualitative air by basically two methods - mechanical or the forced ventilation and manual types.
  • Forced or Mechanical Ventilation
The excess humidity along with contaminants and odour in the air can be improved by installing an Air-Handling Unit (AHU) in the mechanical ventilation system. Generally, the kitchens and bathrooms are ideal for mechanical exhaust either to control humidity or in removing the odours by tweaking the airflow rate. Another method is dehumidification of air associated with the evaporator. It works on the lines of an AC especially in the basement where humidity is relatively higher.
  • Natural Ventilation
Unlike in mechanical ventilation where the fans and exhausts are used, the natural ventilation can be improved by windows, louvers or trickle vents as long as architecturally, it is ideal for smaller locations. In a medium-sized location, you can depend on stack effect for allowing the hot air to flow out. However, this system of ventilation has limited application since it is not suitable in humid climates to control the thermal effect. Besides being very economical, this process is ideal for the airborne diseases like cold, flu or even tuberculosis.
Plumbing and Sanitary Services
Without a specialized plumbing system, it would be rather an irritating experience for everyone. Of course, the plumbing services include sanitary, drainage, water supply, and sewerage requirements. Unless the expert of Dubai MEP companies prepares a design, you cannot expect elegance and decor of aesthetics of the whole system. In fact, the water-management system also includes Reverse Osmosis as well as Deionization system. In simple terms, the RO system, which our body uses in moving the low ion concentration to enhance its level, is applied in the water purification too. On the other hand, the deionization system is also referred to as Ion Exchange, Strong Acid Polishing Nuclear grade. In this system, filters used would be able to remove the inorganic chemicals to ppb level. So, we can claim that DI system is an ultra-purified system. Therefore, the Plumbing, Sanitary, Water management and Sewerage system designed, supplied and installed by a professional has multiple advantages and benefits to the users:
  • Booster pump system ensuring that the supply of water is uniform and at an economically viable rate
  • Gravity Sewer along with emergency retention reservoir
  • Built Oxygen System
  • Central medical air and vacuum system in the healthcare industry
  • In case of power generators, the fuel oil system
  • Rain Water harvesting
Mechanical Services
No doubt, in a public utility service industry like the health-care centres and hospitals, the mechanical services in Building Management System play a very significant role accounting for about 30% of the capital cost and the operating cost being about 50%. There are many areas where mechanical services play a vital role such as:
  • HVAC
  • Refrigeration
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Control system
  • Renewal energy system
  • Geothermal system
  • Hydronics system
  • Solar Water heating system
Firefighting, Fire Alarm & Emergency Lighting System
Generally, this department is not assigned due significance and is ignored. Since the system has many intangible benefits in saving the structure and lives of the occupants in case of any exigency, the state authorities have made the requirements mandatory. The compliance with these requirements is mandatory to obtain the approval for occupying the building is not accorded. The firefighting equipment may consist of any or all of the features keeping the size, type and the age of a building:
  • Fire extinguishers, as a first line of attacking
  • Hose reels, using the isolated valve, water pressure is built up for potential fire control
  • Hydrant system: This works on the water reticulation system, which reduces the role of fire hoses in fighting the fire by trained persons. The system also includes some ancillary parts namely pumps, tank and fire service booster.
  • Auto sprinkler system: The most sensitive system is more dependable, which protects the property and lives in case of fire.
  • Fire Alarm System
In case of fire, smoke carbon monoxide and any other emergencies, the smoke detectors and/or heat detectors can be activated either manually or on an auto mode. You can get them fixed on either motorized bells or wall mountable homes.
  • Emergency Lighting System
Gone are the days, when you grapple for a candle or torchlight in case of power failure. You have a convenient and dependable power backup system like the UPS, Inverters and the generators running mostly on diesel. Its affordability has ensured that the system is in place even in a small dwelling. The design, supply, and installation are required to be executed very professionally. In order to ensure that the system works in case of any contingency, the periodical maintenance and testing are also to be carried out.
Complete MEP
The Mechanical, Engineering and Plumbing requirements of a building are very important, and any compromise would result in the loss of lives and property. The MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) infrastructure is being recognized as an essential and integral part of the building management system to minimize inconvenience to the occupants. The experts in a relevant field would ensure appropriate design, supply as well as installation or commissioning of the equipment. The AMC entered into with a company would ensure periodical preventive maintenance and also ‘on call’ service. The very purpose of opting for the right services at a right time would ensure correct objective.

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