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Moving Companies

Professional Moving Companies in UAE | Moving Services in Dubai Not only is uprooting your life and moving it all to an entirely new area a massive disruption, it can also be incredibly expensive – whether you’re moving to the next block over, or using international movers to shift the whole lot to a whole other continent. The best advice anyone can give you in this circumstance is to shop around.  While there are a number of movers and packers in Abu Dhabi, their prices can vary quite dramatically. So something as simple as a couple of phone calls can actually end up saving you thousands of dirhams. There are moving companies and then there are reliable moving companies. No doubt you have heard more than a few horror stories about families losing valuable belongings just because they made the wrong choice in movers. And even worse, the packers and movers involved in the whole operation somehow manage to absolve themselves of all responsibility – leaving families with no recourse to reclaim expenses, or have their missing goods replaced or paid for. Make sure this isn’t you when next you need to involve yourself in a little house shifting. Start your search for packers and movers in Dubai by asking friends, family, and neighbors who they have used in the past and whether they would recommend them. Once you have a few positive recommendations you could then jump online and do a little more digging to refine your short list even further. A site like Service Plix can be even more powerful than word of mouth as these companies have already been vetted for quality. Most, if not all, movers in Dubai will have an online presence for you to examine. There are also plenty of sites where you can obtain independent reviews (a quick Google search will reveal all). Once you’re satisfied that the companies on your shortlist are reputable it can still be worthwhile to check if any complaints have been made with the Better Business Bureau. The next step is to start getting estimates as to the cost. Show the moving company absolutely everything that will need to be moved. This is an important step where nothing can be overlooked. If you do, then it’s quite possible the moving company may challenge the original estimate and you could find yourself out of pocket for even more dollars. While the mover can’t force you to pay a higher amount they may be within their rights to not move your stuff – leaving you with very few options other than to cough up the dough. Once the estimate is complete make sure you sign a binding document outlining all the details of the move and what’s being carried. You also need to make sure you understand clearly everything outlined in the document so there can be no surprises.