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Rope Access

Rope Access Services in UAE | Industrial Rope Access in Dubai

If you’re in need of one of the many quality rope access companies in Dubai then it’s a good idea to be informed about the various requirements, regulations, and qualifications they must have in place in order for them to operate. You will more than likely base your decision on the following five contributing factors.
Insurance is a given these days in almost all industries. Without insurance there is not adequate protection against liability should things go wrong. Insurance should be in place to cover all parties including the client, the public, employees, and the building structure the rope access system is being used on.
At any given moment rope access companies should be able to supply any and all relevant documentation. It should be well maintained and up to date and cover such things as:
  • Fall protection and rescue programs
  • Equipment inspections, use, training, and management
  • Details of certification and training
A rope access company should have plenty of years of experience so you can be confident they can get the job done safely and efficiently. You are not just looking for experience as a whole but also their level of experience in the task you are asking them to do. Do they have appropriate training and tools, and do they have technicians with the necessary level of training and experience.
All rope access contractors are operated by personnel who have acquired Rope Access Certifications. Basically, this ensures that the personnel have demonstrated an ability to safely conduct all tasks related to rope access at specific levels. Rope access companies must also be able to provide appropriately trained supervisors to oversee all tasks at the job site and ensure they are completed safely and within the industry guidelines.
It stands to reason that you would expect any rope access company to have the necessary qualifications in place for the job you require of them. This may mean that while the company is able to provide rope access they may not be qualified to undertake the task. For instance, they may be able to inspect a bridge, but not be able to repair a wind turbine. At some stage during the selection process you should be asking if the rope access company has the training, skills, and experience to do all that you require of them.