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Security Guards

Security Guards Company in UAE | Security Company in Dubai

No doubt, only the foolhardy person undermines the significance of security guard services. In order to protect our business, schools or residential dwellings and such other important places, the role of professional security services assumes more importance. The protection by a security guard known as bodyguards to the celebrities and other famous people also need not to be discounted. In other words, the security guards engaged from the best security company at Service Plix are the first line of defense against criminals or other unauthorized persons or anti-social activities.

When you are associated with Service Plix for any security guard services and security services Abu Dhabi, we can arrange the best services. The service providers at Service Plix can arrange such services from a company possessing the necessary license from the Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA). You can also avail the service if you require a security guard with very short notice for retail services or security escort officers, including female officers.
Diversified Areas of Security
In addition to the regular and routine deployment of security guards at the premises, there are few trustworthy security companies in Abu Dhabi, which you can find at Service Plix. Our experienced and professionally trained security guards are the best suited for services like
  • Round-the-clock Services
If your requirement is at bank premises guarding the cash, vaults, or locker rooms, etc., or for guarding the server rooms besides hospitals or corporate premises for protecting the interests on 24x7 bases, Service Plix can arrange a full range of security management services. Probably, you will be surprised to know that there are hardly any premises with identical security requirements. However, our security guard companies in Dubai or security guard companies in the UAE can assure you to offer customized services to suit your precise requirement.
  • Escort Officers
There is no exaggeration that the security companies in Dubai or any other location are in great demand seeking the services of escort officers for the celebrities, political leaders, or high dignitaries. No fret even if you are looking for a female escort officer for the purpose. We have a number of deserving female escort officers who perform the duties as efficiently as a male escort officer. The field training imparted to the female officers is also very vigorous and there is no difference in the efficient discharge of duties of either a male officer or a female escort officer. The specialized escort officers can also perform the duties in specifying the composition of the audience, the dress code for the visitors and other parameters as per your wish list.
  • Event Management
No doubt, the duties of a security guard at the entry of premises screening the visitors or the guest are different from those who are deployed at the event management. The occasion demands that those at the event management are like the bouncers at clubs, bars or music venues in maintaining the orderly movement of the visitors ensuring the safety of guests and other audience. You can contact our Security Guard Company in UAE or the Security Service Company in Abu Dhabi for any requirement of bouncers. They can ensure nobody acts destructively or aggressively at the venue and protects the equipment and other property.
  • Routine Services
In case your requirement is a routine security service at the vehicle parking venues, road traffic management or the entry-level screening, etc., you can depend on our service providers. Expect a professional service even at such a routine duty. In addition, the provider companies can deploy security guards for the regular and on-going patrolling duties to cover the entire premises on any location like a factory, industrial unit or a warehouse. They keep a constant vigil round-the-clock over the property or unauthorized entry by anyone.
Special Requirements
In certain locations and specified areas, the use of radio communication is not only desirable but also mandatory to exercise constant vigil for further management at the next line of security service. Therefore, you will find the professional security guard arranged by our providers is conversant in using the hand-held or portable walkie-talkie, which is a radio transceiver for immediate communication to the next point. This enables constant monitoring on a real-time basis among the security guards posted within the range or location. Another salient feature of our reputed companies is to provide uniformed security guards for any service you are looking for. Of course, the extra benefits of a security guard with uniform would go a long way for the purpose they are deployed. We can offer you a professional service for a day, week, or a month. In case you require an annual contract for a year or so, we will be happy to share the details with you. The professional security service at Service Plix is only just a click away. You can pick up the phone and call us, or fill the brief details and mail us for the specific service you are looking for.