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Steel Structures

While timber is still popular as a building material there are plenty of reasons to consider steel as an alternative for your next building project, be it warehouse, shed, factory, or new home. Despite being a more expensive option steel is a versatile product which can deliver on all of your building needs.

Perhaps the most compelling reason to use steel lies in its strength and durability. Steel is long lasting, will not rot, and provides structural integrity in all types of environments; including areas subjected to extremes in temperature, or which regularly experience cyclones or strong winds. In a more rural area steel structures are the most likely to remain standing should a fire sweep through the neighborhood.

Because of its strength, and unlike wood, a wall or steel truss won’t bend or warp under the strain of tons of material piled on top of it. This means you won’t be forced to deal with the common building problems such as cracking cornices, sticking doors, windows jamming, or crooked rooflines.

If you were to play the environmental card, you might be thinking that timber is the more environmentally friendly material between the two, but steel still has its advantages even in this area. Steel is relatively light weight and has greater design flexibility than timber. Steel trusses and frames are fabricated off site to exact specifications which reduces wastage from cutting, and this all adds up to a cleaner building site with less material needing to be dumped.

Steel definitely has its impact on the environment when you consider that it needs to be mined and processed into a useable material but steel has the rare quality of being 100% recyclable. This makes it one of the most recycled materials on the planet. In fact, it’s highly likely that the steel frame supplier you choose to use will be using quite a good deal of recycled steel in their products.

There is no need to chemically treat steel against pests and parasites as it is naturally immune to such threats. Steel is also the perfect material for areas that are incredibly dry or have a lot of moisture in the air as it will not contract or expand with fluctuating moisture levels in the atmosphere, so it will never warp, shrink, split or twist from environmental extremes.

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