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Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Services in UAE

Following these three simple tips will help you identify and select the right swimming pool contractor in Dubai from Service Plix.
A Range of Swimming Pool Services in UAE
  • Swimming Pool Design and Construction
With heat waves prevailing in UAE, the homeowners who want to beat the heat with splash can consider our providers’ swimming pool design and swimming pool construction services. Our service providers also offer customization in these services based on customers’ needs. The construction material used by the companies is of high quality and falls under your budget.
  • Swimming Pool Cleaning
For swimming pool cleaning in Dubai, most of the service providers provide one-time cleaning, including skimming the surface, vacuum cleaning, brushing the tiles and walls of the pool, and emptying the skimmer, pool cleaner bag, and the pump basket. You can also opt for the annual contract with a service provider at an affordable cost.
  • Swimming Pool Maintenance
The swimming pool maintenance is not an easy task since it involves many technicalities to look. The owners need to get the maintenance of filters, heaters, pumps, skimmers, heat pumps, etc. If you are unable to recognize the breakdown in early stages, it can lead to greater damages in the later stages and cost you more money. Most of the service providers provide one-time service, or you can go ahead with the annual contract too.
  • Swimming Pool Consultant
Most of the service providers also extend services of the dedicated pool consultant or technicians. They will remove the undesirable elements from a pool and help it work in a great way.
Types of Swimming Pool
The swimming pool companies in Dubai deals in cleaning, maintaining, designing, and constructing various kinds of pools. Our service providers in UAE serve varied types of pools like:
  • Residential Pool: Swimming pools at your home help you to enjoy the time with your family. Our service providers will make sure to keep these pools in proper shape and cleaned too.
  • Commercial Pool: The service providers registered with Service Plix provides commercial pool services in the Spas, hotels, training centers, etc. They will look after the leakages, breakdown, cleaning, maintenance, and even repairs of the pool.
  • Skimmer Pool: These cost-effective and freeboard swimming pools are built by the swimming pool service providers. The water level in this type of pool is regulated up to 6 inches, and the upper perimeter is made with the coping stone or an edging tile. You can get these pools constructed in any design.
  • Overflow Pool: The property owners can also opt for this type of magnificent pools. We have service providers on our platform offering a great quote on this type of pool. Here, the water level is similar to that of decking and the channel where the water flows create a great masterpiece.
  • Infinity Pools or Vanishing Edge Pool: The swimming pool installer UAE also provides designing and services regarding vanishing or disappearing edge pools. This concept offers an island view of Bali. The commercial resort or estate owners usually get this kind of pool designed.
  • Beach Entry Or Zero Entry Pool: - The big resorts or water parks usually get this kind of pool. Our service providers are well-versed in designing, constructing, and maintaining this type of pool for commercial owners.
  • Plunge Pools: Our swimming pool contractor in Dubai can design and build plunge pools at cost-effective rates using high-quality material. Our service providers can build these low cost small and shallow pools for therapeutic benefits or just for the relaxing purpose at your home.
Swimming Pools Locations
Our service providers can build swimming pools at any location that is required by the residential or commercial owners. You can opt for In-Ground pools in concrete or gunite with various types of finishes. Mostly the gunite pools are preferred because of their durability and effectiveness. Second type of location is Above Ground pool. It is mainly preferred by the homeowners possessing less space to relax in the summer heat. It can be constructed or laid down using any concrete material. Our service providers can construct Indoor swimming pools inside the training centers, fitness clubs, spas, resorts, and even big hotels. They also have expertise in building the best and amazing outdoor pools for the homes, resorts, commercial spaces, clubs, etc. If you are looking forward to the right swimming pool service providers in UAE, then wait no more and visit Service Plix to find a perfect contractor for your next project.

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