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Water Testing

Drinking Water Testing and Purification at Home

Whether you need to test your home water supply or not will come down to several factors. As the quality of your water supply can affect both you and your family’s health you should educate yourself on a few basic facts. If your water supply is near septic systems, then it may be wise to consider a schedule to regularly check the quality of water coming out of your faucets in case the septic systems develop a leak. The material used in the plumbing of your home can also adversely affect the quality of your water supply as it ages. Apart from illness there are also several other problems you may experience with a tainted water supply. The taste, color, and odor may be off, making the water less than palatable. Dirty water may stain your clothes, and water supply fixtures may also show signs of discoloration. If your water supply comes from a public system then your water regulatory authority is responsible for making sure your water is up to the required standard. Should the supply become compromised then you will receive notice about the situation if the contaminants can cause illness or other problems. However, there may be a delay between the time the water is contaminated and you receiving the notification, so many people like to do their own water analysis on a regular basis. If your water is not supplied by the public utilities then the onus is on you to make sure the supply is clear of all contaminants. A routine test of the most common contaminants is highly recommended and has several advantages, not least of which is continuing good health for you and your family. A record of the quality of the water is also advantageous if problems do develop, as it can not only help you track down any problems but may also help in receiving compensation should your supply be damaged by a third party. A home pool is another area of the home which can benefit from regular pool water testing. As the pool requires a delicate balance of chemicals to prevent contaminants and bacteria breeding in the pool, there is a requirement for a more stringent testing routine to ensure the pool remains useable all year round. While you can use professionals – such as one of the quality companies found on - who can give you a more accurate reading it is still possible to use water quality testing kits at home so you can do regular top ups.